Monday, April 9, 2012

More on Kenny Wolf

Every teen suicide is hard to take.  Each time I write about another one, it takes another piece of my own soul.  And, there are some that I take very, very hard.  Jamie Hubley, for example, hit me like the ton of bricks.  To be sure, it was his suicide in October that led me to embark upon this campaign to make a change.  Kenny Wolf's recent suicide hit me as hard, if not harder.  He was right here in my back yard, right there from my old neighborhood.  I know it's counterproductive to blame myself at all, but I can't help but wonder...with me doing this right here in Maryland, why wasn't this blog or the facebook blog page reaching him?  And, if it was, what could I have done differently with it to prevent this from happening?

Second-guessing aside, I have some vital updates about Kenny.  Firstly, all reports of age were wrong:  Kenny wasn't 17, as originally reported, nor even 16 as it was later reported.  Kenny was just 14 years old.  Secondly, his event wasn't Thursday, the 5th.  It happened Friday, the 6th.  Thirdly, I have a link for those who would like to leave their personal condolences for the family and friends.  It goes without saying that this is an extraordinarily tough period for Kenny's family and friends.  Indeed, for the entire community.  Letting them know that there are those of us around the world who are mourning Kenny right along with them will, I'm sure, help with their healing process.

Lastly, I can't stress enough that if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, or any mental issues, bullying, and/or suicidal ideations, please, please, please reach out!!  There are many people, professional and non-professional alike, ready to reach back.

Suicide Support

STOP Teenage Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


With this tragic event being right here in my backyard, I'm redoubling my efforts to reach out and bring this epidemic to an abrupt end.  Sadly, of course, it's not going to bring Kenny back.  Or, any of the other teens who ended their lives far too soon.  But, it will, hopefully, prevent another family from having to go through what Kenny's is going through right now.  That's my promise.


  1. don't feel upset. as a recent discoverer of your blog, I feel your pain and I feel your encouragement.

    I would love to join your mission to reach out to these teens and young adults.

    I believe it is a worthwhile calling.

    thank you for all you do.

    1. Hello Christina. Please come join me on the facebook blog page:

  2. I knew him. He use to sit at my lunch table and I knew his cousin. I didn't talk to him at all but I talked to his cousin. I'm worried and afraid for his cousin and I hope I can help him whenever I see him in class or on the bus. I also had 2 classes with kenny and that just makes it that much harder on me

  3. Dakota, thanks for your comment. I know a lot of people will be having a very tough time with this for quite a while. The good thing is that his cousin, your friend, has friends like you who care about him that he can talk to. That's important.

  4. This is too much!! Thanks for doing what most don't do, correct yourself. It is so disheartening, sad and hurtful, my daughter, 14 years old and an Old Mill Freshman. I am not sure what I can do but I can and will join your fight to love our children. It takes a village and I am blessed for the child that I have and hope that through this I can give the love, support and strength that God has blessed me with to other teens. Thanks Ron and keep the fight going!!!!

    1. Hello KK. I really try to be very accurate with these or don't write about it at all. The very last thing the family and friends need right now is to have a bunch of misinformation circulating. They're going through enough right now as it is. As I've been saying, this one really hit me hard because not only is this event right here in Maryland, it's in my old neighborhood.(I lived on Kenora for a while) I really appreciate you wanting to get involved in turning this around. There can never be enough people. I would love to see you on the facebook blog page: Lots of good information there to help combat this.

  5. My sons were friends with Kenny. He was in my home just about every weekend and some week days, as his grand parents don't live far from me. Kenny was a sweet boy, with a great sense of humor. While at the funeral services Saturday, my heart just broke for these kids and especially his grandparents and parents. I hope that the emotions that I saw in those kids stays with them, and the next time they hear of a friend talking about killing or hurting themselves, they tell someone. I also think that the new movie Bully should be a mandatory viewing in every school in the U.S. Thank you for your site and I will pass it on.