Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Mother Responds in Teacher Bias Case

"I am the mother of the student in this situation. In speaking with the principal Monday, he did indeed state that he supported the teachers position simply because she stated that the topics were up to her discretion. I told him outright that I thought it was BS that she could give an assignment to choose a controversial issue and then refuse to grade it because she didn't like the topic. She told me she was against gay marriage, told the principal she was for it and then told my daughter she was against it. She is a complete liar and should in no way be trusted with our young minds. Last night I left a message with Congressman Boren regarding this situation and told him an investigation into this was necessary. I (we) have plans to take this as far as we can to see that the right thing is done. We are considering moving so that we don't have to continue living in such a bigoted community. All your support just reinforces her decision to take a failing grade not just on her report but for the quarter/semester. She would rather fail doing what she feels is right instead of bowing down to the system. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!"

That was left as a comment on the blog entry pertaining to the school's decision to stand by Gale Applegate's bias decision.  Khyrstal has decided to fight the system for what she believes in.  I, for one, applaud her.  She was very brave to choose the topic she chose to write about in the first place.  Now, in the face of adversity, she's opted to stick to her guns and fight when it would've been so much easier for her to buckle under the pressure and write about something more...pedestrian. 

In an unintended response to the mother's question of how to proceed in this battle, it was suggested that they take this to the ACLU.  Marvelous idea.  And, she's already contacted her Congressman.  Anyone who reads this and has legal knowledge and expertise in such matters, please feel free to advise her. 

This is a case of blatant, in-your-face bigotry and intolerance no matter how they try to dress it up.  If a student is only allowed to expand their thoughts to the limits of the box in which the teacher resides, (s)he eventually attain the same myopic views of the teacher.  And, the cycle is perpetuated.

There is truly power in numbers!  Emboldened by our enormous response to Khyrstal's plight, she and her family has chosen to fight for what's right.  In response, we need to continue to show them our unfailing support.  Our message must be very loud and unmistakably clear:  Eufaura High School's policy that allows for teacher, and apparently administrator bias and intolerance in fact will not be tolerated or accepted.  Zero tolerance means just that.

And, to the mother, as you read this, I strongly encourage you to click the comments link and read those, as well.  There will, quite possibly, be answers to your question there.  In addition to the comments left on this blog, you'll want to check a few facebook pages' comments to this story as well.  There has been many comments already posted.  Hopefully, in response to your plea for assistance, there will be many, many more. 

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