Friday, December 30, 2011

Story of The Year!!!

To me, at least, this is definitely the story of the year.  And, it delivers the MESSAGE of the year:  eliminate hate-filled language.  Not just in schools, for they're only repeating what they've learned from adults.  Indeed, hate speech needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly, no matter if it's Michele Bachmann or Mr. Johnson from down the street.

This story isn't new.  It went viral August 16th.  See, "Amelia" has a 6-year-old son who just happened to tell her that he likes kissing boys!  In an innocence that only a 6-year-old can provide, he told his mother that it's quite possible that he's gay.  Thinking it was cute coming from her 6-year-old son, which it was, she wanted to share that with a couple of online friends.  Overnight, it went viral.  Why would something so cute and innocent, and personal, go viral overnight?  There are two very basic reasons why.

People connected with it easily because we could all relate.  Well, most of us. (those who said they couldn't lie to themselves)  See, everyone one of us, if we're honest with ourselves, knew when we were in that age group which gender made us happy on the inside.  And, it's the ones who make us happy on the inside that we are attracted to, whether it's in childhood or adulthood.  I knew when I was 7.  And, every single gay friend I've ever had has said the same thing.  Conversely, every single straight friend I've ever had knew that the opposite sex pushed their internal buttons.  It's only natural!  See, we're not talking sex here.  We're talking attraction.  We're talking about who makes us feel happy inside.  Isn't that what love's really about?

"Amelia" not only accepted her son's words at face value (knowing full well that, at age 6, those words were definitely not set in stone), she embraced him.  She encouraged him.  Guess what happens when he "comes out" at such an early age AND the most important person in your world embraces and encourages you?  Your self-esteem has no choice but to soar.  Which brings me to the obvious second reason people connected so quickly to this story.

People with Michele Bachmannitis were APPALLED that she would encourage such deviant behavior!  "He is much too young to know about sex", they argued.  Huh?  I think I missed that part of the story.  See, the Michele Bachmanns of the world would have the exact opposite effect on this boy:  his self-esteem would be ruined.  He'd be chastised for his "unnatural" feelings and, probably, sent off to be "cured".  That's what "they" do.  And, in just a few years, we'd run the risk of having another suicide victim on our hands.

"Amelia" sat up and took notice.  And, from her observations, for every Michele Bachmann who commented, there were "multiple messages" saying that they, too, knew when they were very young which gender tickled their fancy.  We all do!  Of course, at age 6, we don't put a label on it.  We don't learn that everyone has to fit into a category until later on in life.  But, I knew in 1st grade that Keith made my heart flutter while Debora was just pretty to look at.

The other thing that "Amelia" noticed was how extremely dangerous the hate speech was to not only her 6-year-old son, but to ALL young people!  And, indeed it is.  As I've been saying, it's damaging on both ends:  your bullies learned to hate from somewhere.  Enough said.  Likewise, however, far-too-many of these young suicide victims "learn" from their Michele Bachmannesque parents that they are "abnormal", "freaks", "deviant", "sick" and worse.  They learn that they are defective, that they need to be "fixed".  I don't feel I need to say anything about what this does to their young self-esteem.  Let's just say that we read about them far too frequently and once it's far too late.

My favorite part of the story, though, is where "Amelia" reached the point where she said "Enough Is Enough!!!"  She made a stand.  She vowed to protect her children from the Michele Bachmanns of the world because THEY spread hate as if they have a license to do so.

Ever ask yourself why is it so important to these hate mongers that everyone HAS to think as they do, act in accordance to what THEY think is right?