Sunday, December 4, 2011

More on Jonah Mowry..and, sadly, Jade (UPDATED)

Less than 24 hours ago, a youtube video of a young gay teen boy crying (literally) for help sparked off a firestorm of support and well-wishers world wide!!! Bravo to the well-over 100,000 people WORLDWIDE who have stepped up to offer their support.  Jonah posted a "thank you" video shortly after the support started flowing in.  Sadly, however, he's since taken it down.  That's probably due to the fact that haters and bullies were posting very nasty things on his youtube channel in response to it, as they're doing on his facebook support page.  The struggle continues.

Now is a great time to remind every one of you who reads this that, whereas your support for Jonah has been fantastic and highly applauded, there are many, many more Jonahs in the world who are NOT getting this love and support.  And, in MOST CASES, you have at least one right there in your own backyard.  All you have to do is look around you.  Will you open your heart for him or her as generously as you have for Jonah?  I hope so, and I think yes.  Jonah's video has increased the awareness that this is a very real, very destructive phenomena occurring worldwide.  It has to end.  The army of supporters is burgeoning.  Now, we all have to do our share, in whatever way that may be, to assure that this ugly chapter in our history as humans comes to an abrupt end.

Sadly, there was a very similar video to the one Jonah made in April of this year.  Meet Jade.  She didn't make it.  She committed suicide three days after making this video.  Get involved.  Do whatever you can do within your own power and limits.  Maybe even stretch your limits a little.  The Jamie Hubleys, Jamey Rodemeyers, Dominic Crouches, and the Jades of the world need YOU to help keep them alive.

Thank you very much, Sara, for your information.  It appears that the information about Jade committing suicide 3 days after making that video is, indeed, erroneous.  On November 12, she posted "GuYz 1'm Aliv3".  We're glad you're alive, Jade.  By no means does this diminish the severity of the problem at hand.  I wish that there were more "errors" made in this regard.  Unfortunately, the problem is real, and we are losing lives.