Thursday, April 19, 2012

She's Alive: Victoria Tristan Roxas Alora

The same cousin who alerted us, two nights ago, that 15-year-old Victoria Tristan Roxas Alora had committed suicide after being constantly bullied at school, sent this message last night:
Subject: THANK GOD! Plz read!
Sent: Today 8:52 PM
Message: Thank you to all who showd concern towards my cousin.
Last night my cousin was claimed dead by a doctor,
I got a call this morning...
Last night my cousin was found breathing. I dont believe in god but if there is one THANK THE LORD!
Tristan is in a coma though.
I dont know what happened but she is better somewhat.
I was in awe nd found this very unbelievable.
I dontt evn no wut to say.
All i can say is thank yu all for the prayers and the help.
I really appreciate it nd when Tristan is better Ill have her msg you guys.
She is a living miracle.
When she is better I will make sure she knows NEVER to try it again.
Thank you all again.
I REALLY appreciated the support.
Miracles DO happen!!!  This is tremendous news for those who care about Tristan.  However, she is still in a coma, so we have to continue to send her lots and lots of positive vibes in hope that she pulls through completely.

There's still the issue of being bullied the the point where she felt it necessary to go to this drastic measure in the first place.  It will be very interesting to see what steps, if any, are taken to reconcile what happened to Tristan.  The fact that she named names in her post should go a very long way.  The fact that no one of authority came to her aid should weigh just as heavily.  I, for one, want to see people held accountable for this.  She didn't just wake up Tuesday morning and decide that this was what she wanted to do.  She was pushed to do this.  Now, there needs to be accountability.  I will be watching this very closely.  Watch for updates as they become available.

Thinking that she was not going to be alive after writing it, Tristan revealed graphic details about who had done what to her.  That's huge!!    There's documentation, with names, and with full description of what happened to her.  There's no way this gets swept under the rug.  Not now.  Now, there's someone who can put a face on what almost happened and tell a first-hand account of what led her to that point.  With names!!

In the meantime, now is also the time to send out all of the positive vibes, prayers (for those who are religiously inclined), and other good wishes to Tristan.  She's still here with us.  Now, she needs a full recovery.  With tomorrow being the National Day of Silence, in an effort to bring attention to the national issue of harassment and bullying (particularly for LGBT teens), take time out to focus on Tristan.  She needs it.