Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The L Project

Everything isn't always doom and gloom.  Don't get me wrong:  there is so much of it going on all around us that it's sometimes hard to keep up with it all.  It's good, though, every once in a while to point out some of the good and positive things that are going on within the LGBT community.  And, within the community, there truly are a lot of good people doing some great things.  I can't say enough about "Kel", the founder of Wipeout Homophobia on Facebook and the work he's done and continues to do, just to name one.

In the U.K., there's currently a project going on that will help save some young, LGBT lives.  It's called The L Project.  What they're doing is bringing together the best of the best lesbian musicians to record a record to be released February 11th.  Now, stop reading for a minute so you can go write that date on your calendar......  Done?  Ok, the single, "It Does Get Better", sends the positive message to LGBT teens that, for as dark and bleak as things may seem now, things truly do and will get better.  That's a message that sorely needs to be heard by our LGBT youth at this point in time. 

The goal for Georgey Payne and The L Project is to raise awareness while also raising money for charities that work to prevent bullying against LGBT teens.  The best part of this is everyone is donating their time, their energy, and most of all, their talents.  All the monies earned by this single will go to those charities that will benefit LGBT teens!  That's terrific! 

Now, we all have to do our part.  That means that everyone needs to check out The L Project and, on February 11th, buy their single, "It Does Get Better".  Let's all band together and show our LGBT youth that they have an army of support behind them, that things really will get better for them if they just hold on.  But, they need something to hold on to.  That something is hope.