Monday, September 3, 2012

On The Move

I started this blog last year in the wake of a teen suicide that rocked me to the core.  I could never explain why it shook me so profoundly.  Still can't.  Since the inception of Enough is Enough, many changes have occurred.  Yet, some things have remained the same.  Life's kinda like that.

What has remained the same is my commitment to, through my writing, be a part of the effort to a.) bring awareness to the bullying situation in an effort to end the level of bullying we're seeing in schools and on the Internet today; and, b.) do whatever I can in my power to raise awareness to the amount of teen suicides, both straight and LGBT teens, so that families around the country and around the world can stop living the nightmare of losing their child to suicide.  In fact, that commitment has led to things I never saw coming.

  • The readership of this blog skyrocketed to levels I never would've imagined!  It now has several thousand followers, has been reprinted in several different online publications, and has been read hundreds of thousands of times.  I never saw that coming.
  • It has evolved into a facebook blog page that currently has over 16,000 members and steadily growing, reaching as many as 1.8 million people.
  • Sadly, it has taught me that the problem we're facing is far deeper, much more pervasive than I EVER would've imagined...proving that there's much, much more dedication and hard work needed if we're to see the type of change that's needed.
Enough is Enough has been running, simultaneously, on two different blog formats for the past year:  here, on blogspot; and, on Wordpress.  Since I'm in this for life, I wanted to take a year or so and compare the two to find out which one offered the best options to make things easier for you, the readers.  The verdict is in.  


What does that mean to you, the 767 loyal followers of the blogspot version of this blog?  Well, most importantly, it means that now the blog is more easily accessible, easier for you to comment, easier to read and share.  Over the past year, several of you had contacted me and urged me to move from the blogspot format because of the inaccessibility.  Done.  Also, what it means is that you have to now follow me on Wordpress as opposed to blogspot.  That process is as easy as clicking this link and clicking the +follow tab on the Wordpress version of this same blog.  

My goal is to a.) make the switch as effortless for you, my readers, as possible; and, b.) to retain all 767 of you on the new location of the blog.  We're barely two weeks into the new school year, and there's already been 4 teen suicides.  We have lots of work to do!  See you at the new location!!