Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spreading Hate

I was working on a different story that's pretty important, itself.  Then, this story was presented to me.  Couldn't wait.

To understand the importance of why so many people are working so hard to change the cultural landscape of this country, and around the world!, when it comes to the LGBT community, one needs to look no further than this.  There is a 21-year-old undergrad student from Germany named Sophie Miriam Herold.  Remember that name.  She is not your friend!

Sophie's mission in life is not only to "out" every LGBT person she can.  She'd rather see us eliminated.  Reading her menacing ramblings on her tumblr account was nauseating at best.
I am not hiding. I’m not afraid of you gay people. I will fight you as long as I can.
I know that by putting me out there I will be harassed and threatened. That is the price I have to pay for telling the truth about gay people. But I am not afraid of being physically harmed or killed. You may break my bones, but you can’t change the facts: that homosexuality is abnormal and disgusting.You are what you are and have to deal with it, like everybody else. Stop trying to pretend to be “better” than others because you consider yourself “transsexual”. You have to play your gender role, you have to do what society expects from you. If you don’t, you have to suffer from the consequences.
"Better"?  I don't remember that ever being part of the dialogue, but you're welcome to correct me if I'm wrong.  No.  Rather than presenting ourselves as "better", we've simply, repeatedly and persistently, stated that we only want to be seen and treated as equal.  And, there's a very good reason for that:  we are, in fact, equal. 

Anyway, the sheer ignorance of her rantings goes on and on ad nauseum.  Rather than spend time repeating what she said, I think everyone needs to read it for themselves.

She's just terribly ignorant in her views, especially as an undergrad student, and it's a black-eye to her generation that someone as young as she would have such warped views.  Yet, there it is...right there in black and white for the world to read.

The bigger issue is that this bring to light the reality that there are a whole slew of "Sophies" in the world who have nothing better to do with their own life than to try their hardest to make other people miserable.  That's a problem.  That's the hurdle we must clear as we work towards acceptance and equality.  To an even greater extent, there are people who are far more influential than a 21-year-old hate monger who uses tumblr as her main forum to be concerned about.  We have a Presidential candidate promising to eliminate LGBT happiness, if elected, by reversing all same-sex marriages in this country.  We have lawmakers in several states working still to pass legislation that will essentially sanction the bullying of LGBT teens.  You get the picture, though.  They're out there.  They're filled with hate.  And, they're out there in great numbers.

It goes without saying that hatred and intolerance were in play in the murder of young Trayvon Martin in Florida.

What's most important in our ongoing struggle for equality and acceptance is that we continue increasing in numbers of people who are willing and able to let their voices be heard.  Our voices need to be strong and confident.  Our message needs to be clear and consistent.  But, the one thing that we cannot waver on is continuing to show and spread love.  In the end, love will conquer hate.  It's the very reason I constantly spread messages of love on the facebook blog page.

Sophie is consumed with hatred.  And, she's not alone.

Now, let's send her an email to cheer her up.  Hey, she wants us to!!!  She put her email address right there in the madness she posted, in black-and-white.


  1. I've always said that if you wanted to get rid of gay people, stop letting straight people have babies!
    I can't believe that in this day and age, "gay" is seen as something bad. It's stupid.

  2. People should stop paying attention to this poor self hating lesbian who doesn't know what to do with her feelings for the same sex. Her ramblings are a pathetic attempt to validate her simple, silly, homophobic self. (if you think i'm lying about her lesbian feelings, google her email address).

    she wants attention and unfortunately she is getting it.

  3. this is how I am trying to help. It is saving lifes

  4. Sending you lots of love Sophie. I believe that everyone is whole and perfect just the way they are, even you with your message of hate which is really fear. Love yourself as much as you can, wherever you are and you will someday realize that love is all there is.

  5. My mother, a gay woman, has opened her house to a young gay woman about my age. She wishes that she was able to house every single lesbian that needed acceptance, love, support, or even just a hand up. If each LGBT supporter could do the same, and each of our precious children had a place to call home where they were accepted, loved, cherished, nurtured, and given joy, it would make such a huge difference. My husband and I were both bullied in school - for being nerds. Although we are straight, we have many close friends and family members in the LGBT community.

    Our hearts go out to each and every one of you who have had to go through such heartache in order to be yourselves. Our own children have been members and officers of the respective Gay-Straight Alliances at their schools and fight a constant battle for acceptance for their friends and family members. They have dropped friends because of their homophobia. We live within miles of Rutgers University, site of the Tyler Clementi tragedy. We were heartbroken when it happened and every time one of "our" precious, irreplaceable children takes the same path.

    Although we will never know precisely what it is like to be LGBT, please know that there are people who do support you, love you, accept you, and wish only the best life for each of you. We desperately wish that we could take each and every one of you and wrap you in our love and acceptance.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit disjointed. My emotions sometimes get the better of me. Please know everyday that you are precious, irreplaceable, and loved.

  6. Her Tumblr has been deleted already.

  7. It Really hurst to know there ppl out there like that it make me sad I want to hate her so bad but I won't thats what she want she want us to hurt her it kill she said if her self that's what she want she want to b right. IM A LESBIAN and I'm fucking pround to b one and no one no words no laws will change I am who I am I was born a lesbian I will love has a lesbian I will marry has a lesbian I will fight has a lesbian I will cry bleed and die has a lesbian but most of all I'm a fucking american I'm a human I have the rights to live who I want and marry who I want I'm an American lesbian and damn pround of it no one will change that

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  9. Bury her in love and happiness. Though she has spouted hatred and threats, we should not respond in kind; it seems that is what she wants, or what she expects. Show her that we are humans as well, and despite her alarming behavior, we only have compassion to show her.

  10. Oh well that's easy to fix .. Make em all wear gold stars then ship em off to camps! It's only 10% of the population shouldn't be a problem right?!? What a freakin nut case! Seriously makes me feel sorry for this girl and all man kind!! I hope that no one takes this girl seriously! We need to love and embrace the LGBTQ community <3