Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School Sides With Biased Teacher in Oklahoma

"Proof came today, The mother met with the school and they state that they will FAIL the student if she writes this paper on this topic and won't even read it. AUTOMATIC "F" just for the topic. I'm sorry, even if she is not for gay marriage this is not OK, grade a paper on merits, not your person thoughts!

Please email the school at: gwdavis@eufaula.k12.ok.us
Thank you."

That was a comment left yesterday afternoon on the original blog entry about Gale Applegate, a teacher in Oklahoma.  Incredibly, with people from around the country, world!, contacting them, they opted to turn up their nose and announce that they SHARE in her bigotry!  That's a slap in the face.

Apparently, the email address link for the Dean of Students was either bogus or has been changed.  The link no longer works.  However, there are other ways to contact the school and the superintendent.

Superintendent Rita Ford

Principal Garret Davis

Eufaula High School
1st & Woodland
Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432-2410
Phone: 918.689.2556
Fax: 918.689.1099
The hope is that everyone will continue voicing their outrage as such a flagrant show of bigotry and intolerance.  Oh, and suggest that they read today's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on same-sex marriage.  


  1. This is wrong, is there a link to an article for it? I would like to do this for my current event in school.

  2. this girl and her mother need to take this to the supreame court. it is in the NATIONAL Law that what the teacher is doing is illegal.

  3. I am the mother of the student in this situation. In speaking with the principal Monday, he did indeed state that he supported the teachers position simply because she stated that the topics were up to her discretion. I told him outright that I thought it was BS that she could give an assignment to choose a controversial issue and then refuse to grade it because she didn't like the topic. She told me she was against gay marriage, told the principal she was for it and then told my daughter she was against it. She is a complete liar and should in no way be trusted with our young minds. Last night I left a message with Congressman Boren regarding this situation and told him an investigation into this was necessary. I (we) have plans to take this as far as we can to see that the right thing is done. We are considering moving so that we don't have to continue living in such a bigoted community. All your support just reinforces her decision to take a failing grade not just on her report but for the quarter/semester. She would rather fail doing what she feels is right instead of bowing down to the system. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Well done!
      Your daughter is an inspiration, and I am so glad we are bringing up our children to not discriminate against the LGBT community.

    2. Call your local chapter of the ACLU also call the Human Rights Campaign @ 1800 727 4723

    3. Withdraw her from public school and home school her. Your state has great home school laws (totally hands off) and she can dual enroll at the community college once she completes 10th grade. She deserves a better educational experience.

  4. Has anyone contacted the ACLU yet? I think this would be a great case for them to work with. This is very depressing how schools can continue to discriminate against LBGT students or ones who just support LBGT causes. It's going to take a lot of people standing up to these teachers and school boards but it time hopefully things will change.

    1. That is my suggestion too! Contact the ACLU, they have a student rights division!

      Go get them, and good luck! You have a lot of support out here!

    2. This is so disturbing, from the website homework page this is what the teacher indicates (for both English III and AP English): "A current local, state, or national controversial topic to research (something that is being considered as a policy by an elected or appointed official)"


      As long as she is meeting that criteria, the teacher has to grade the paper - ugh!

    3. Here is the ACLU information for OK, how they accept cases:

      I believe this situation falls under Free Speech!

  5. I don't know if you've tried this or not, but may I suggest starting a petition? Change.org has a few petitions for cases like this one, and it DOES make a difference.

    I'm not Gay, but I have Gay friends, so I understand how this situation is effecting people. I really suggest you start a petition, see if it changes a few minds.

  6. I would do the paper damn the consequences! Stick to your guns and moving is extreme but if you feel it nessicary then by all means do it. That is not right let alone legal! This is an outrage and a disgust! I hope you and your daughter the best of luck in your quest for whats right and keep up the good fight! HOOH!

  7. Standing up for what is right will never be wrong, and I applaud your daughter for being a voice in the push for equality, despite a failing grade on her paper! Keep on with this...push hard and get as many TV stations and politicians you can on your side. I also suggest getting in touch with Robin McGehee on Faceook. She runs the GetEqual organization :)

  8. For the mother: I hope all the support WHOF and Ron Kemp have garnered show you that you are not alone in this fight. No teacher can be allowed to impose their bias this way. For the student: I would have written a kickass essay about free speech and the perils of prejudice throughout history (and, in all likelyhood, been failed for what was an obvious confrontation). Just a thought.

  9. Apparently the town and the school are on tribal lands controlled by the Creek Nation. This from Wikipedia..."The name "Eufaula" comes from the Eufaula tribe, part of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy, whose tribal jurisdictional area the town falls under today." The ACLU may not be able to do very much...the first step would appear to be to contract the tribe. Here is a link the their website... http://www.muscogeenation-nsn.gov/

    Mike Shaffer

  10. Is it possible for her to write the paper and post it on here? I am sure we can find plenty of well qualified teachers who would be more than happy to grade it for her. That would be a great way to get the word out if she is willing to do it. :-)

  11. No wonder there is so much bullying and suicides in schools when the teachers exhibit such bigotry and blatant homophobia. What chance do the victims have, who can they turn to in their torment if not the teachers.

  12. Let's hope that the overturning of California's Proposition 8 inspires the rest of the country to reevaluate their bigoted laws (like DOMA) and do the right thing!

    BRAVO!! to the student who is willing to STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, even if she is standing alone! Obviously, SHE had a proper upbringing!

    I agree that the ACLU should get involved in this!

    Maybe the teacher should not have chosen "controversial issues" for essay topics. How could she not see that this is probably one of the most controversial issues in this country right now? If not, then she has no business being a teacher! Maybe she is just afraid to hear ANYTHING that would crumble her rigid, antiquated belief system!

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! Maybe that is what these bigots are afraid of? Afraid that all the lies in their belief system will be exposed for all to see! Worse than lying to others is lying to yourself!

  13. My very close friend has just submitted her thesis on the effects of children being raised by gay and lesbian parents vs. heterosexual parents. Her findings were that the children in most cases were actually better off, they were more compassionate towards others and better adjusted to society. In cases like this I find that this teacher could learn something from this child because it seems she is a closed minded and bigoted individual. It saddens me that in this day and age a teacher who refuses to even grade a paper because she doesn't like the topic is deplorable. In my humble opinion she doesn't deserve the right to teach our children as she could easily pass on her hatred to the students. Teachers should be non-biased on any issue. And it's especially sad than this is all over something as trivial as grading a paper.

    I wish your child all the best and I hope she doesn't walk away from this homophobic teacher. In my mind she already passes. She could have backed down and written on another topic but for sticking to her guns and not giving in, I applaud her! As a proud and openly gay citizen I want to personally thank her for not taking the easy road. She is a hero, keep up the good work and never back down!!!

  14. Since you mentioned that the email address wasn't working, I went to the school's website:

    and found the email address for the school superintendent, Rita Ford:


    Let's hope the reason that the principal, Garrett Davis's email address seemed bogus is because SO MANY emails were sent there that it crashed their system!

  15. Take it to the superintendent. Get the students involved in a walk-out to protest the teachers randomness.

  16. we as a communtity need to help her fight the bigotry of these people who are pretty much thought nazis these people should do thier job and not force thier belief on children who are trying to figure it out for themselves

  17. Have you contacted the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU? They are well equiped to address these kind of issues. The teacher has no right to allow her personal convictions and prejudices to affect a students grade. Don't give up, it is this sort of thing that fuels the fire regarding exclusion of people some see as different. It can't be allowed. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  18. Contact
    Oklahoma State Department of Education
    2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105-4599
    Receptionist: (405) 521-3301
    Fax: (405) 521-6205

    File a grievance against the teacher and the district. Once the BOE gets involved they may change their tone.

  19. Mom, Google ACLU and see about contacting them. That's a good place to start, I believe. You stand by your guns. A failing grade in this instance is meaningless considering what losing her integrity would mean to her in the long run. Thanks for standing with your daughter. And thanks for raising such a fine young person. Good luck!

  20. Being a lesbian born and raised in Oklahoma I know the pain that society here puts on the gay community. In small towns it seems that only if you are a white, heterosexual,Republican, Christian are you accepted. I think its great that Iowa, Washington, California and others are allowing same-sex marriage. Oklahoma is so far behind the curve of current events, its been less than 10 years that you can legally get tattoos. Unfortunately I feel homosexuality will be frowned upon in Oklahoma until the generation being raised now is older. I'm so thankful this girl and her mother are standing up for equality and what's right! Thank you, lets encourage the rest of Oklahoma to change and be a leader and not followers.

  21. I called and spoke to the super, explaining the situation in a very non-biased light, suggesting an investigation into this. She seems pretty darn respectable, and I hope she can probe into this more. I informed her of how this was making quite a stir on the internet, and even across the nation.