Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Has Happened AGAIN!: Amanda Diane Cummings, We Love You!! R.I.P.

On Staten Island, New York Monday evening, 15 year old Amanda Diane Cummings jumped in front of a bus while carrying a suicide note.  She later died from her injuries.  And, once again, it was a bullycide.

The report says she was bullied to the extent where her bullies would steal her possessions, including her phone, shoes, and jacket.  Worse, these bullies still posted vile comments and remarks on Amanda's facebook page even as she lie dying in a hospital. 

Of course, if these bullies lived in Tennessee, and if this hate bill passes, it would be completely ok that their actions killed Amanda, as long as they bullied her because of religious beliefs.  Luckily, and thankfully, a relative has vowed that the family will seek legal action against the bullies and "...go full force".  Bravo.  Zero tolerance.  This will end no other way.

No judge's ruling will bring Amanda Diane Cummings back to her family.  May you rest in peace, Amanda.  They don't bully in Heaven.

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  1. R I P Amanda so sad that another young child has taken their life these bullies need to be stopped, I lost my son to suicide not due to bulling but mental illness. I also have a gay daughter who is 26 and i love unconditional , im very proud of both my 2 children and my 3rd child she went thur a stage where she thought she was gay also and again i love her unconditional..Thank you Ron for caring and helping there isnt enough education which is muc needed some parents need their butts sit in jail for 30 days or so for their child bulling.