Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I first saw a video clip of this earlier in the day, I guess when it first broke.  The video clip was bad enough.  It left me shaking my head.  Livid!!!  However, now I've seen the entire video (WARNING!!!  This video is extremely graphic.  DO NOT watch it if you're at all squeamish) of this brutal, senseless attack on this young man.  Now, I'm beyond livid! 

There are videos, and video responses, all over youtube right now.  The video, itself, has been viewed almost 35,000 times.  Even the Mayor has spoken out about it.  And, NONE OF IT MEANS A DAMNED THING!!  The only thing that matters right now is that those 7 thugs are caught and punished to the absolute fullest extent of the law.  I don't really give a rat's ass that they're juveniles:  they need to be sent to an adult prison for many years.  In the state where I reside, their action is called first-degree assault.  And, when you listen to the language their using as they brutalize this young man, it becomes obvious that this is also a hate crime.  Hate crimes are punishable by federal law.  Every single one of the 30,000+ people who have viewed that video, every breathing soul who has watched the story on the news, needs to make sure that their voices are heard loudly and clearly:  THIS ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE TOLERATED!!!

I looked for a petition online but couldn't find one.  Hopefully, someone from Chicago will post one on  When and if they do, I will certain pass that information along so that everyone, EVERYONE!, can go there and sign it.  There absolutely has to be justice done in this case.  Swift.  Definitive.  And, with severe consequences.  More than ever, the cry of ZERO TOLERANCE must apply here.


  1. I couldn't watch the whole video cause it made me cry. This is why I'm so afraid of my kids going to school at all. This poor boy! Those boys who did that should be beaten themselves. I pray the boy who got hurt will be okay and somebody is there for him so he can have some support.

  2. How horrible. Some people are just rotten. I hope those assholes are caught and punished!

  3. As a gay man in his 50's, this is just so wrong. Why the title of FAGS? I do hope these people are caught and dealt with........

  4. This is so disturbing. I'm still slightly speechless after watching the video itself. But I suppose what really pushed me other the edge of disturbed into horrified is that fact that primarily everyone that commented on the video was demanding the blood of the man's attackers.
    Should they be prosecuted? Absolutely! Should they be "burned" and "stabbed" and "made some black guy's bitch in prison?"
    I don't see why we fight violence with more violence. I don't understand why those viewers can't see that those boys that were attacking that man need to have their lives changed dramatically so they understand that hate crimes, violence, and oppression isn't okay.
    The taper of the video was laughing while it was being recorded.
    I think he's the only one laughing at this entire situation.

    If you find a petition of any sort, I will be signing it and spreading it around to people I know will care as well.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Violence need not beget violence.

  5. I was bullied all through elementary and junior high school. Nobody should be bullied and definitely nobody should be beaten. This behavior must not be tolerated. Thugs, even under 18, should be treated as such and punished according to the law.

  6. Having livid through similar things done to both myself and partner I can completely understand and sympathize to a degree with the urge for immediate and violent reprecussions. Do I believe there should be reprecussions? Heck yes. However, if there is one thing life has taught me about hate, hate begets hate. In the words of Gandhi 'Eye for an eye leaves the world blind'. Having such strong emotions is completely , in my mind acceptable and expected, but not acting on them or fulfilling the deeds of the violent statements. All it does, as history has proven time and time again is leave more individuals in that cycle of hate that they then feed into and get fed into by and to others. I can't say what the best course would be as a consequence for such blatant inhumane behavior to another human being but I do know all violence and hate will do is continue this cycle that must end somewhere.

    The few cents from a woman born betwixt and between the lines of gender.

  7. This kids don't even deserve to be called human. Nothing less than a shit stain on a sidewalk. Love to see how tough they would be when beaten to a merciless pulp. I was bullied in Middle school, including some of high school. These retarded thugs think beating people who can't defend themselves makes them cool or tough. It's more amusing to watch how they think it's what makes them cool. You may speak your words loud, but my bullets speak louder.

  8. ok, so everyone is saying stuff about the kids that did this, what about the person that filmed it?