Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Beyond the Grave

I've been reading and re-reading this article for over a week, now, trying to make sense of it.  I've pored over every piece of information from the case reports to the newspaper articles to the death certificate.  I've looked at all of the pictures, including the ones of Jason Dale Bolton's tortured body lying in the middle of the street after being run over by a car to the ones of him lying, peacefully, in his coffin.  I watched the video.  And, after all of this, I came away 1.) heartbroken; but, 2.) angry.  Angry that people could be so cold, so cruel as to do this to another human being.  Angry that the Fayette County (Indiana) authorities chose to sweep this under the carpet.  See, Jason was brutally murdered, but they wrote it off as a bad car accident.

The story of Jason Dale Bolton dates back to August of 1991.  He was 16 at the time.  Life hadn't even really begun for him.  From what I've been able to glean from the information provided, Jason got mixed up with the wrong crowd.  On that fateful night in 1991, he was at a friend and neighbor's house.  They were partying.  The toxicology report shows alcohol (blood/alcohol level 0.11) and Xanax.  So, they were partying pretty heavily.  That, however, doesn't explain the chain of events that followed.

Jason was castrated.  His mutilated body lie in the middle of a rural road as he bled profusely.  Passed out from the horrific pain, his attackers thought he lied there dead.  In an effort to at least attempt to cover up their brutal crime, they opted to stage it as an accident.  Already lying spread eagle in the middle of the road, on the verge of bleeding to death, they opened his legs even more.  They then took their car and carefully ran over him, crotch first, as people watched.  People watched!!  If he wasn't already dead, the weight of the car crush the life out of him.  That's an amazing level of violence.  If there's a silver lining for Jason, it was that the body is designed to shut down if its enduring severe trauma.  He didn't feel the weight of a vehicle crush his 16-year-old torso and skull.  He did, however sadly, have to endure the unimaginable pain from the castration.  And, for that incredibly inhumane action, no one has had to pay.  The Fayette County authorities bought the "accident" story, castration and all.

For 20 1/2 years now, Jason's family has had to not only live with the pain of having lost their beloved 16-year-old son and brother, they've also had to endure the horror of knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that he was brutally murdered, by people he knew and grew up with, yet no one was charged.  No one.  "It was an accident."  The police didn't investigate it further.  Worse, there are people who witnessed this heinous act who never came forward, people who lived right there where the Boltons lived.  Unfathomable.

So, here we are:  more than 20 years later.  Still, no justice for Jason.  Or, his family.  And, you're asking "why write about this now?"  Here's why.  Jason Dale Bolton deserves justice.  It's as simple as that.  His family needs closure.  A whole generation has entered this world and are now college-age since the time Jason was killed.  Yet, it goes unsolved today.  Not only that, but the Fayette County police say they don't have the resources available to re-open the case.  If this were a family member of mine, I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs every single day until they were compelled to re-open and re-examine the evidence in the case.  Handled properly, they'd stop at the castration and know that foul play was very definitely at hand.  Therefore, the mission here is to spread the word, and spread it to every corner of the planet.  The more people who know of this atrocity, the better the chances are of compelling Fayette County to re-open the case and find for justice Jason.

If this story angers or moves you in any way, share it.  And, keep sharing it until there is justice for Jason Dale Bolton.


  1. words cannot not express how i feel,after hearing this story and watching that video,but i do know there is a god and those people that hurt him the way they did will pay the final price on judgement day when they are faced with there maker and punished for life and thrown in the lake of fire with the rest of the demons and jason will be sitting there like an angle feeling no pain or hurt and have eternal life,god bless the family and know they are in my prayers.

  2. Horrific story and to be denied justice when the evidence is so blatant is very painful. I am angry that Fayette County accepts this as doing the job of law enforcement. I am ashamed of anyone that saw this brutal attack and said/says nothing. They have a special place in Hell for folks like that, at least I sure hope they do. To the family and friends; keep up the good fight and my condolences on the terrible loss of your son, brother, and friend.

  3. I shared it with everyone on my facebook as well as posting the sheriffs contact information for fayette county... <3

  4. This is intolerable. I sent a message to the Fayette County Prosecutor, the Sheriff's Department and the US State Representative Mike Pence. This CANNOT be allowed to continue. I pray the family finds the justice they deserve.

  5. I am so very horrified by this that words can not express my anger and outrage at Fayette County for letting this happen to a young man without seeking further justice. Thank you for this blog. Thank you for caring enough to create it!

  6. It's not just Fayette County, look at The Whole Country! It's pretty dam sad the Government does this to US over FAMILY AND MONEY!!!

    Some Prosecutor HuH ?
    I know Jay Rich has lied to Us …here is why…
    1.Why Limine everything about Michael Raines wanting his wife gone?
    2.Where did all Tabis’ bruises come from if Kyle and Jon is holding Drew, and Liz beating Tabi..Who has Tabi in chokehold?
    3.Where did the Choke hold bruising come from?
    4.Corners Case report…Carbon Monoxide. how if in Park in open air?
    5.No Jaundice? Why not,if in water for 72 hours?
    6.What happened to all the evidence collected? Where are the results? Just lost..How does P.D. loose results to EVERYTHING?
    7.3 D.N.A.s collected from body, not matching 3 defendants…Then Whos? Why is nobody looking?
    8.Why didn’t Jay Rich do anything about the Tire tracks found just South of the spot they found Tabis’ body?
    9.Why can’t anyone explain how the wound in her back, neck, back of head happened?. Why not if Kyle was there. he would know about it.
    10. Why Lamine Info out of The Balser Trial about Andrew Bush's Involvement in Shane Jackson's Death. As well give Him and His daddy Immunity for this Involvement, for coming forward with a story, With No Hard Evidence, about how Tabitha is to have been Beat, Tortured, Choked, Stabbed, Shot in The Park...oh wait a Minute... He didn't tell All of This..........

    I am beginning to believe that she wasn't shot at the park. Nothing was found there but the body. She was found with a hoody on backwards, thats to cover her face up so they don't have to look at her face. This crime is so sick...........Neff you are the sickest because you will get out and do it again.
    1. Rumors of Tabi being pregnant with Kyle's baby.
    2. When Amanda (Kyle's now wife) was the one that was pregnant.
    3. Amanda was jealous of Kyle and Tabi's relationship.
    4. Tabi had told some people she pregnant, and others she wasn't.
    5. Why wasn't Neff's house investigated and searched?
    6. The night this happen, friends of Kyle's tried to go in his house
    7. Why were they not let in his home?
    8. Why wasn't Neff's mothers house searched?
    9. Why was Debbie Neff's house cleaned professionally when she moved?

    If we could get a good crime lab to look at this case, we would find alot of these answers. Blood stays, they can't get rid of it all. I say find someway to have a crime lab investigate these two homes.
    It didn't happen at the park, thats just where they dumped the body.

  7. More on Tabitha Raines Murder Unsolved from 2002

    Re: Some Prosecutor HuH ?
    Want MORE? HERE YOU GO....

    11.Why were no charges brought against Debbie Neff for getting rid of evidence(Tabi and Kyles’ bloody clothes...According to Kyle Neff),giving access of Gun to known Felon,(Kyle).
    12.Why did Jay Rich refuse several times,(when requested by Attorneys and Mother of Victim) to search Kyle Neff’s home, Motorcycle, or Debbie Neff’s home where the Gun came from,( She Approved The Search...BUT IT WAS NEVER DONE! Along with Kyle admitting to being there, and a witness seeing Tabis’and Kyle Neff's bloody clothes at Neff's.
    13.Why did Jay Rich refuse to search the dump where Debbie Neff reportedly got rid of the clothes? The victims mother was able to contact a local business who were willing to supply heavy equipment and operator FREE, along with having an Off-Duty Police Officer present, a News Reporter filming at all times, Volinteers to help search, permission from Dump, but No Warrant, Why Not? According to Mr Rich; "This County won't spend the money for that, besides what is it hurting the cloths being there". Well for ONE. How do You know Neff is telling You the TRUTH IF YOU DON'T INVESTIGATE?