Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dustin Birch Takes on Westboro Baptist Church

I'm not sure, and don't hold me to this, but I think Dustin is a practicing comedian.  If he isn't, he should be.  What I do know is that Dustin IS a young gay man who got fed up with dealing with the hatred of Westboro Baptist Church.  So, rather than just talk about it and vent his frustration, he took action.  Dustin called WBC and left them a message.  I'm really doubting that they'll return his call.

For me, the most important part of the entire video is the "greeting" that Shirley Phelps left for the callers.  Nothing but hate-filled.  I will say this much:  if THEIR God is the God that every Christian worships, the world is in a lot of trouble.  Dustin hit it right on the head when he said, basically, that the Phelps family, a.k.a. Westboro Baptist Church, really just hates everyone who isn't a white, Anglo-Saxon, "God fearin'", Amurican.  If this were 30 years ago, they would still be just as evil, just as malicious, and just as dangerous as they are today.  If this were 30 years ago, they would be showing up at the funerals of black people.  Instead of the signs declaring how much God Hates Fags, they would say God Hates Niggers.  If it were 60 years ago, the signs would read God Hates Jews.  The truth of this disaster is that they are just hate-filled people who use God, and the mask of religion, to contaminate this country with their message of (self)hatred and (their own)intolerance.  The scariest part of it is they actually do have followers.  People who believe in nothing will fall for anything.


I should probably add a disclaimer right here:  I do not endorse some of the language used in the video. (so, if you shock easily, perhaps you should bypass watching it)

I wholeheartedly endorse Dustin for making the call, leaving his message, and making a stand.  If you DO watch the video, all of the phone numbers are right there for YOU to call and leave your own message.  I say, follow Dustin's lead.

This is the very language of hate that's contributing to the bullying which is leading directly to the teen suicides.  Stopping hate-filled people in their tracks, like the Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church, is imperative in fighting this insidious epidemic.

Job well done, Dustin!

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