Thursday, January 5, 2012

Alex Frye, 13, Railroad Enthusiast...Bullycide Victim

He loved railroads.  He had a mindset that set him apart from kids his age.  Early morning January 1st, Alexander Frye committed suicide

According a family member, there were no indications that anything was troubling him.   He was ", caring, and perhaps the most mature 13 year old [anyone] had ever known."  According to another family member is "one hundred percent..." certain that his suicide "...was sparked by bullying".

Most astonishing to me was a quote from a suicide prevention team leader for the Wyoming Department of Health.  "It is rare for someone so young to take his own life."


We're 5 days into the new year, and I've already reported 2 teen suicides.  Chances are there are a couple more that didn't get publicized.  As I told a mourner of the young Staten Island girl who committed suicide, things won't change until people stop talking about "how bad" or "how sad" it is and start actually getting involved. 

Alex was a brilliant young man.  He had a passion for trains.  He befriended adults much easier than kids his age.  Smart.  Intelligent.  Caring.  And now, another victim of bullycide.  This HAS to end.

Rest in Peace, Alex Frye.

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