Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When Does it End!!!?? REST IN PEACE Isabelle Guyler (AGE 12!!!)

This time, the story comes from the U.K.  No less devastating.  This time, there are conflicting reports as to whether there was bullying involved or not.    It does not matter.  What matters is the world has lost yet another young person to suicide.  Isabelle Guyler was found hanged in her home in Nottingham Friday.

The police say that their "...investigation found no evidence..." of bullying.  However,  one of the memorial pages set up on facebook strongly suggests otherwise.  These are friends and family of the young girl.  And, some are naming names.  I will revisit that in days to come.  Now is not the time.  Right now is the time to mourn yet one more young life lost to bullycide.  I'm going to take the family and friends word over the police.

I saw a picture of her.  I could only look once and for a short period.  She's far too beautiful, far too young to be gone.  Rest in peace, Isabelle Guyler.

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  1. it doesnt matter if shes beautiful or not? no one deserves to dye, no matter what they look like.