Monday, December 5, 2011


By now, Jonah Mowry is a name known around the globe.  I've blogged about him twice, now.  We don't really know much about this young man other than he was crying for help and support, and the world responded.  The WORLD responded!!

The issue at hand, the reason kids like Jonah are so much at risk, the reason why kids like Jamey Rodemeyer, Dominic Crouch, Ryan Halligan, and on and on and on give up, is primarily because of bullying. (although, often there are other factors involved)  Some people still don't understand the depth of the problem.  I've seen many, many posts on various social networks where people basically say "suck it up".  Well, just to be sure everyone understands the pure vile that these kids have to endure, take a look for yourself at what's going on RIGHT NOW on the facebook support page that was set up just last night!!  What we're talking about here goes beyond bullying and stands at the doorstep of criminal behavior.  Is there any question left that something HAS to be done NOW to bring this to and end?


After posting this, things REALLY got out of hand on the page.  So, the creator of the page employed several administrators, and we have since cleaned up the garbage.  We also now have a different system in place so that it never happens again.  If you were one of the first people to read this blog entry and you clicked the link, you saw some pretty vile things being posted.  If you click it now, you'll see just a normal, supportive it was intended.  Be glad you missed it.

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