Saturday, December 17, 2011


It seems that most of the things I post are doom and gloom.  Then again, a battlefield is never a very happy place.  So, I love it when I'm able to share some good news, the periodic victory.

In the news just this week is a story about a bullied special needs student in Baltimore.  The parents of that boy can take heart in this story.

Jacob Gentry is and was a special needs student in Tennessee.  He was so badly bullied, he lost an eye to the violence against him.  What was worse, as in far too many cases, the teacher did nothing to intervene.  The school administrators did nothing to make it better.  Well, perhaps this will start making these administrators realize that zero tolerance means zero tolerance.  Failing to intervene or failing to provide a safe place for these teenagers to go to get an education makes the school administrators just as culpable as the actual perpetrators.  A judge in Tennessee ruled this week that the school district was, indeed, as culpable and awarded the boy over a quarter of a million dollars!!!  That won't replace Jacob's vision.  It'll only make a dent into the medical bills and lawyer fees.  But, it sure does send a very clear message that enough really is enough.  Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.

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