Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rest In Peace Jacob Rogers 12/07/2011 (Yet ANOTHER Victim of Bullycide!!)

This is the point I've been trying to get across as the world was engaging in Jonahmania.  While all of the attention and adoration is being thrust upon Jonah Mowry, there were still millions of struggling teens around the world who needed just a fraction of that attention.  Just a fraction.

Just a fraction may have saved Jacob Rogers' life.  Today, he ended that young life because he just couldn't deal with being bullied any more.  In fact, he'd already dropped out of his senior year of high school because it had become a nightmare for him.

According to his best friend, Jacob felt like he was ignored, that no one was helping him.  Left alone with his pain, he did what far too many young people before him has done:  he ended the torture himself.

My prayer is that we as a loving, caring people get past the Jonah mania and remember that there are millions of kids in the world who are struggling just like that 13 year old boy that the world fell in love with over the weekend of December 2nd.  That boy is now doing just fine.  However, we just lost another one who "felt ignored" and couldn't handle the bullying anymore.

Rest in peace, Jacob Rogers.  "If only I'd known your name..."


  1. Beautifully said. How do we reach more? I too want to help but don't know where to start. I dropped out of grade 10 because of severe bullying and it is still affecting me to this day. Love to you Jacob Rogers, may your spirit rest in peace.

  2. What I feel : we must see through & further than the Jonah-mania, we must acknowledge that Jonah raised awareness on a serious & real issue. We must continue to help those who suffer in silence, we must attack the problem itself : bullying! We must educate ppl & eradicate ignorance on differences and teach so they learn to accept & embrace differences. BEFORE bullying makes more victims. When I was young bullying @least ended when i came home, now with internet it goes on through social networks sad very sad...
    Line (Québec, Canada)

  3. Jonahmania? Really man? The world reached back to him bc he reached out to us! If jonah didt get this outpouring, you would be ranting that no one cared about him! If everyone reacted this way bc of one youth, imagine what we can all do if more reach out or if we can identify more! I hope u do more than rant online....mentor a gay youth, save a life!

  4. Stephanie, I will first offer to you to read my follow-up entry, "Clearing the Air". In that, I answered much of what you said. Secondly, I will say that I was one of the very first to blog the Jonah Mowry story as it moved me to tears. Again, read "Clearing the Air". I stand in applause to the millions who reached out to Jonah. It was a remarkable show of human compassion. At the same time, I stand by what I said. First of all, he clearly said through his pain (in the first video) that "I'm strong enough to fight this battle". Kudos to him for that courage!! Secondly, this is not a new issue, that of bullying. The fact of the matter is that there are millions of Jonahs all around the world who are bullied every single day. And, some of them die because of it. In most of those cases, all it would've taken was for someone to reach out to them the way the world has reached out to Jonah. Jacob Rogers was exactly one of those teens. He told his best friend that he felt "ignored", that "no one would help him". The real tragedy to that is that he was going though this as the world was pouring out their hearts to one kid who had already said that he was ok...FOUR MONTHS AGO! I absolutely love the support that Jonah has received. What I love even more is the fact that he's brought worldwide attention to the problem. Jonah's courageous video has changed the world. Now, we need to start directing some of this love and support to some of the young people who are still suffering in the shadows. The Jacob Rogers' of the world are every bit as real as Jonah Mowry.

  5. To add to your comments...Not only had Jonah said he was ok... but his initial video was done as you said FOUR months ago. Where was everyone then. Not only that but if you actually watch the full video he states that he is not going to end his life. He has so many more reasons to live. This is a very very important message that he is trying to get across to the kids like himself that are being bullied and thinking of taking their life.... The real shame of it is that people are not seeing it. That kids who really need the attention and help aren't getting it because people are too blind.