Friday, December 2, 2011

The Bad...

The GOOD of this situation is that the young boy didn't end his own life.  The BAD of it is that a 12 year old has to endure such an incredible level of bullying, read the story, yourself!, to even make him have to THINK about committing suicide.  Not only had he thought about it, he'd actually planned it.

School districts around the country and in Canada are working hard to place new, (supposedly) stricter anti-discrimination, anti-bullying laws in place.  However, that is our society's standard, knee-jerk reactionary response.  It's business as usual.  No law, regardless how stringent, is going to reach far enough with this.  As we saw in Michigan, there are (and, presumably, always will be) deep pockets of hates all around us.  People who hide behind God and religion as they harm another fellow human being.  Teens who learn to hate and be intolerant from their parents and home life who, in turn, takes it out on another fellow human being which, as we're seeing at an alarmingly high rate, is directly contributing to suicide.

No law is going to reach far enough until it encompasses the source of the hatred and intolerance:  the homes.

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