Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Bullycide: Rest in Peace Mason Carter - Age 13

It's coming to the point where everyday when you look at your computer screen, there's yet another story about a young teen ending his/her life because of bullying.  Today is no different.  

Mason Carter was 13 years old.  Just 13.  Life hadn't even begun to unfold for him.  Now, it's over.  According the Mason's step-father, he's positive that bullying played a huge factor in his stepson's suicide.  Mason was an Honor Roll student and "a brilliant kid", according t0 his stepfather.  Tuesday, he was found with a .45 caliber Glock nearby, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

It's not enough to continue the dialogue about ending the epidemic of bullying and the teen suicides it often leads to.  What's needed at this very moment in our history is iron-clad action.  We need a plan.  We need action.  Talking about changing things is not working.  Legislating it will do little, although tougher laws and definitive penalties are needed.  It is my strong opinion that we need a total re-education, starting with the adults.  What are we teaching our kids, directly or indirectly, when far too many of them feel that it's totally ok for them to treat other fellow human beings with such malice and disregard that the victim feel their only recourse, their only escape is to end their lives?  

For those who haven't realized it yet, we're in crisis mode.  The carnage is piling up by the day.  The time to take action is now.  Sadly, taking action now won't return Mason Carter to his family and friends.

May you rest in peace, Mason.


  1. Please help me take a stand against this. Enough is Enough!

  2. absolutely agree,my chilren are very bright and they deal with being bullied everyday,it's not right,enough innocent lives have been lost,this has to stop....

  3. We need a plan we need leaders 2 step up and we need a united front since sep of this yr we have already lost a child ot two every month jamey rodemeyer in sep jamie hubley in oct nov we lost aslynn and mitchell and jasmine we lost mason. Enough is enough.

  4. @reeseie: I wholeheartedly agree on every point you made.