Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teen Admits Killing Gay Classmate

Ok, so a teenaged straight kid gets hit on by a teenaged gay kid.  It's pretty safe to say that it happens everywhere, everyday.  The straight kid doesn't like being hit on by the gay kid.  More often than not, that happens everywhere, everyday as well.  The straight kid goes to school and EXECUTES the gay kid for the "unwanted advances". (a bullet to the back of the head and one while the gay kid lay on the floor constitutes an execution in my book)  Two days later, Larry King died of his injuries inflicted by Brandon McInerney.  I think it's hardly fair that Brandon's family will get him back in their lives in roughly 20 more years.  Larry's family will never have that joy again.  At least this bring a sense of closure to one of the more horrific cases in recent memory.

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